Microsoft teams room app update download – microsoft teams room app update download. Release notes for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft teams room app update download – microsoft teams room app update download. Release notes for Microsoft Teams Rooms

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Microsoft teams room app update download – microsoft teams room app update download

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Below are links to relevant ways to ensure the hardware you are using in your Microsoft Teams Room setup is on the latest software, drivers, or firmware. Windows Updates. For Logitech Bundled Room PCs set up as a Microsoft Teams Room, an automatic, nightly update and reboot is the default setting. This will ensure that your system is up to date. Aug 03,  · Microsoft Teams Rooms app update lifecycle policy. The MTR engineering team’s support policy states that all support ends after the twelve (12) month lifecycle for a version has expired or if more than two updates have been released since then. Then, customers must update to a supported version. Download Microsoft Teams for desktop and mobile and get connected across devices on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Collaborate better with the Microsoft Teams app.


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The Microsoft Teams Rooms app gets updates through the Windows store. Microsoft Teams Room app uses an evergreen product lifecycle and only the current and the next most recent version of the app are supported at any given time. The Microsoft Teams Room app bundles a specific version of the Teams desktop app that is modified for room use.

The Teams desktop app updates every two weeks. Learn more about the Teams update process. This means Teams Rooms app current-1 version can be up to six Teams desktop app updates behind, so it’s recommended to keep the Teams Room application updated to the latest version of the Teams Rooms app at all times.

The support structure for Teams Rooms is dynamic and depends on the availability of the latest version. When you encounter a code defect in a version of the application that’s not the latest, you must install the latest version to receive a fix. All releases are listed in the Microsoft Teams Rooms release notes. When installing a new device that came with an older version of the Teams room application, it is recommended to manually update the application after setting the account, before downloading any Windows updates.

This ensures correct OS version and Windows updates are installed on your device. These other Windows 10 editions aren’t supported:. New Windows 10 feature updates aren’t offered on Microsoft Teams Rooms devices immediately. There’s an intentional delay of up to six months or more after the general availability date published on the Windows 10 release information page.

This time is used to validate Windows 10 release compatibility for the Microsoft Teams Rooms app, device hardware, and certified audio video peripherals.

Validation begins and continues during active development of each major release of Windows Extra time is needed to validate that all device manufacturers have built updated images for their devices, and for Microsoft to certify and test those images.

During the validation period, the Microsoft Teams Room app uses Windows Update for Business group policies to delay Windows 10 feature updates. After any compatibility issues are found and resolved, the block is lifted via updating group policies through a new app release in Windows store.

Devices that run the Microsoft Teams Rooms app automatically update to an appropriate Windows 10 release during the nightly maintenance reboot.

Teams Rooms download an update and wait for the next reboot to install it. Unless someone reboots it manually, installation only happens at the automatic nightly reboot. Windows Updates should be transparent in the room, and normal operation should never be interrupted by Windows Updates.

Pay special attention to policies or actions that result in a device update or forced reboot during business hours. Teams Rooms should not reboot during use or alert about Windows Updates over the UI during usage hours.

Review your configuration if that behavior happens. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported.


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