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– Quickbooks 2012 on windows 10 – quickbooks 2012 on windows 10

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I found your help site, followed your instruction and within a couple of minutes i was up and running again. Much obliged.

SOLVED: Quickbooks and Windows 10 PDF Invoices – Problem Solved.


Although you need to ensure that. NET 3. Below we have compared the features of QB with respect to QB Windows 10 version sometimes may not have. You must enable if not enabled already the. Here is how you can install it:. If you are encountering any issue with it, you can contact the consulting team to get the instant help. For all the QuickBooks versions before QuickBooks , the QuickBooks suppose to update the software to the latest released version.

As all the QB versions before QuickBooks requires an update as it does not support the Windows However, if you need more information about supported versions of QuickBooks desktop in Windows 10 or have any questions related to your QuickBooks, you can contact our technical support team anytime.

It might be possible that you still face some hassles with the QuickBooks software and it could be related to anything such as QuickBooks installation , QuickBooks error codes , QuickBooks Updates, or QuickBooks data recovery. For any such problem, you can contact us by dialing our toll free We are Intuit Certified ProAdvisors and capable to resolve all type of critical and major issues that is faced by users.

How to Troubleshoot unable to print problem in QuickBooks? What is the latest features of QuickBooks Desktop. System Requirement of QuickBooks for Mac This will close in 0 seconds.

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I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Hi Theresa, Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community. Thanks so much for your post and getting my pdf generator in Quickbooks working again.

After loads of frustration and thinking if other could do it so could it, I have success! Not exactly like it was supposed to work, but this works, too. Hope this helps some of you. Thank you so much for doing this! Alan, You can do roughly the same thing in the Devices and Printers system on your computer as well, which you will definitely have. Give that a shot and see if you can see similar options. Alan, maybe you can do what I did.

Use that. This works for me to save it as a PDF file. I was ready to give up. Joseph, Thanks so much for posting this. I followed your instructions and it solved my issue of being able to send statements using Quickbooks.

I had just updated to Windows 10 and this not working was extremely frustrating. Thanks for the sunshine. I had 2 general computer ignorance issues. First I downloaded the driver like described, I did this because the drivers in my windows seemed to have suffixes after the. After I unzipped the folder I separated out the prnms After the failed installation, the XPS port had been created, so when I tried to create it again, the computer said the port was already there.

I installed the driver from the unzipped folder to the pre-created port and all works well. We can send estimates and invoices with no problems. Just the paystubs creating an issue. Any ideas? Is the driver 64 bit on youre link??

One more thing. I was running QB 11 Premier on Windows 7. After I upgraded to Windows 10 I lost the pdf function and saw the errors you show above. I had almost given up hope and was a day away from reluctantly buying QB Thanks again.

It sais this: We are sorry, but you do not have access to this service. Please contact your domain administrator to access. Could you re-upload it or help me out some other way? I just added an alternative download link in the article above. Check that out and see if that works for you. Hi Josh, I tried this but now seem to have completely lost microsoft xps.. Then your computer should be able to install them. When you are asked to add the printer driver, you will have to click through the folders in that file until you find a.

It should be the only one that shows up. This may not work if your computer is running bit windows instead of bit as this driver is the bit version. If this is the case, try the Devices and Printers screen. Once there, select a printer and the menu up above has a Print server Properties screen which is similar. If you have any advice on this it would be gratefully recieved! Give that a shot. Hi Joseph, Just wanted to say thanks for this. Truly grateful! Awesome Johnny! Thank you so much Joseph, it has worked for saving and printing invoices.

I can now send the invoice via email but somehow the email it gets attached to is illegible. Do you have a fix for this too please? I am using Outlook Office Thank you so much.

I am so tired of QB crippling their past customers by not allowing upgrades. It worked for me Thanks!!! Currently using QB, and recently upgraded to Win I already had the driver in my download folder probably from upgrading to this Laptop two years ago, and the first time using QB on Win8. Absolute genius, Joseph. So many things could go wrong and yet your solution seems to work a treat — well done! Dear Joseph. I have done everything according to your explanation but after the download I cannot pick up the prnms file.

It tells me the correct drivers are not available for my device. HP Probook s Can you please assist. Is that correct? I also just upgraded to Windows 10 with my QB and now I can email invoices again. Only had one frustration…I eventually realized I had to extract the compressed download. Joseph, Thank you so much. I was just about to upgrade QB when I came across your posting.

I had to do things a little different, but I was able to make it work. Great job!!! No luck. I do not have a print management window option, but in devices and printers I was able to remove the MS driver, then go about adding a new printer in the manner like above. Now, Quickbook appends the name of pdf attached to invoices with the process number it has listed in the Task Manager to the end of the name.

I can not get rid of this. Other support articles say to end other instances. I am already there. Any ideas on thiis. Wow it worked! Had a little trouble with downloading the driver in that I could access it Step 6 and 7 However I noticed I needed to set the printer manufacturer to Microsoft and then in the list the diver was there.

Chose it and all worked. This really solved my quickbooks pdf printing issue Simon. You saved my bacon. My wife thanks you. I thank you. I like helping people save money, especially when it would otherwise go to someone like Intuit. I to have quickbooks , this was a huge help. Hi Jospeh, thank you very much. It saved me from a lot of headache and stress like what I had when Windows upgraded to Windows 7. Once again thanks for sharing this knowledge.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! It worked!!!!! I spent hours trying things last weekend when I had installed Windows It was so frustrating. I wish I had seen your article first. Thank you again! This is the first blog to have supplied a solid answer! Simple easy to follow steps!!! Happy to help Randy! Love helping fellow Entrepreneurs save money and keep fighting the good fight.

I bought a new computer with windows 10 already on it and I am having the same problem. Your instructions are not helping me as I can not figure out what to do as my problem is slightly different.

Melissa, not sure if you found an answer to your question yet, but it sounds as though you may have a new profile and your Quickbooks file may be located in your old profile. Intuit does a VERY annoying thing in placing the default QuickBooks file location in a public profile location that is easily missed by backup software, IT professionals, etc. Hope that helps! However have failed immensely!

I upgraded Windows software to windows 10 on my desktop when I click QuickBooks the company has vanished. The screen that appears when quickbook is opened from shortcut on desk top is start a new company or open an existing one. However when I take the steps for open existing company from backup file the next message is company file exists.

Then error message appears. Please if your able to help me id be beyond greatful. Thank you for your time as well. Step 1: Search the C: drive for. Step 2: Once you see the one that you believe is the correct file double click it and QB Desktop should open that file.

Repeated the earlier steps looking for. To open these files may require copying them to the computer where QB Desktop is installed. I have tried this and actually it has worked on this laptop before and i just did it on my desktop pc no problem.

But for some feason on my laptop it keeps telling me the XPS port is in use when all i have is my printer.

No other ports being used. This is the first time I found the answer right away and it worked flawlessly. Thank you so so much! Tips for others…I followed to a T what was in your instructions. Used print manager as stated instead of control panel…just followed everything. Also for others info, I am using quick books accountant Maybe a helpful suggestion for people having any issues, if you are deleting anything and attempting to start over try restarting the computer before new attempts.

Thank you for a solid solution that hopefully will stay put. I have used QB since but I have found that in the last 5 years, things have become more unstable and things like not being able to print to PDF keep popping up.

Thanks for helping from the outside! The email may come up, but there is no attachment. Any insight would be great…. Many thanks for the solution it has saved me from paying out for a quickbooks update and no doubt hours of wasted time!!! Thank You Joseph! Some of the settings are much harder to find in Win10, but once I found them and used your step by step procedure, everything to with emailing PDF invoices in QB works again in WIN Thank you so much!

Had the problem immediately after upgrade to Windows Thanks so much. Thank you. Worked a treat. Any chance you can save me hours of searching and give a fix for excel export option being greyed out. Can only export to csv. QB Pro , Windows 10, Office Thank you very, very much. I was about ready to pull my hair out or buy another copy of Quickbooks. Thanks x a million. Do you have any solutions….. Thanks so much for your guidance! So I absolutely need clear, step-by-step guidance like that which you provided.

I have the same issue where on Win 10 Home there is no Print Management tool. You mentioned that you were able to overcome this and proceed with the other steps. Can you explain how you did it? Right click in the white space below the printers and choose Add Printer. I hope this works for you Jan. Good luck, and please do reply to me on this site so I know if my reply helped you at all. I got printing following your instructions many thanks for that , but getting the same messages when emailing statements and estimates?

Any fixes for that? So glad to have come across this, it fixed my problem! Thanks again so much. It finally worked!!!! Hi Joseph, you sound like you certainly are a wizard. I have had to totally wipe my Macbook and reinstall everything. The Macbook part was easy but I ended up having to download Windows 10 to use with Parallels Desktop which I use for Quickbooks the multi currency version does not work on a Mac. Is there any difference in what to do from within Parallels to get this sorted.

I am unable to email invoices or other docs from Quickbooks since I did this. Hi Joseph, I am super glad I ran into your website resolving the printing issue. It completely worked for me. Do you know anyone who has tried your fix with the version.

I am using Win 7 and have not upgraded to 10 yet. I get to step 2 Choose Create a new port and add a new printer and select Local Port and can not find any information you have posted. Please help. I have always been able to send invoices. Not sure what happened in the last 2 days that changed that through quickbooks Looks through the comments of this post and you should find steps that will match up to your computer.

Thank you, thank you and thank you. The best resolution that was easy to follow. I have been trying for many many hours searching for help to sought out the problem of emailing from quick books using windows live mail when i updated my computer to windows 10 and wondered if i needed to go back to windows 7.

I found your help site, followed your instruction and within a couple of minutes i was up and running again. Thanks heap…. Glad to have helped! Thank you so much for this! Worked a treat! SO much happier now!

Thank you for the tutorial. My install did not follow your steps, but it got me going in the right direction. This worked great for premier contractor edition as well. I did not have a print management app but was able to figure out how to complete from the control panel. Thank you, Joseph.

I had just updated to Windows 10 and could no longer email pdf from QuickBooks Searched the web for 2 days. Nothing worked till I found your post. Thank you for the info. It would have taken me hours and a whole lot of paper to accomplish what you permitted me to do in perhaps 20 or 30 Minutes. Much appreciated! You saved me!!! I have been searching endlessly for the past two days trying to create a pdf since doing the Windows 10 update.

Your step by step instructions were spot on and took me all of three minutes to do! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! This has been a near nightmare. The frustration of taking 4x longer to send estimates and invoices is finally over!!

Sadly tried and tried again with no luck. Not sure why. Have Windows 10, Might have to spend the dough after all. Is there some new trick? I have never done anything like this before and was totally intimidated.

Your instructions were fantastic! Thank you for being a blessing! Thanks for letting me know Vince. Best of luck in your work. Does that mean I will not be able to do that as the provided driver is for 64 bit? Any suggestions please? What must I search on the internet for? Have a look there. If I remember correctly the same solution worked then, too.

Something that I was failing on was to Extract the Microsoft file, and then using the file inside of it. Thank you for coming up with this workaround for QB ! This solution works for me for about a month and then I have to redo the XPS driver. Otherwise, this resolved my issue perfectly, thank you for the write up. I bought a computer with windows 8, and upgraded to 10 shortly after.

I am using QuickBooks Enterprise Since they did the upgrade to QB with the extra security added just this month, every time I try to open an invoice, sales order, estimate, purchase order and the help screen QB freezes up. The panel on the right side of the invoice or anything with the panel that shows the summary for the transaction, it shows loading and is completely frozen. The only way to close the QB window is with the task manager.

When I open the task manager it shows that QB is not responding. Can you help me with this issue? Joseph, will this work for Quickbooks — 11 and Windows 10? Thanks, Michelle. Give it a shot. Hi Michelle, did you manage to get it to work? I went through all of the steps several times but it kept telling me the XPS driver file was missing stuff. Still pulling my hair out. Oh well, who needs hair in the summer?

This worked great. Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!! Worked great. Worked like a charm on QB Pro on Windows Mr Joseph,,,you are magnificent! Oooooooooof course, I had downloaded Windows 10 and things went south! I waited a day before seeking you out and then, BAM! You came with a blink.

Da Best You are! Appreciate you! Thanks Christine! Always makes me smile a little bigger to hear things like that. Glad to have helped your day along. It worked awesome, gotta admit it took me longer than 5 minutes. However that was mostly my fault. You be the MAN! Well done with this post. Some steps were slightly different on my windows 10 install or rather I did each step sometimes via a slightly different route but I followed each step and was frankly amazed to find it worked first time.

Thanks for posting this, very helpful unlike quickbooks. It worked wonderfully on QB with my Windows 10 64bit. Thank you so much Mr. Joseph Turley!

Oh, I am so grateful — it was still a stretch for my non-savviness but I got there thanks to you! Maybe QB because of Win 10??

Leslie, I believe they should be pretty similar for QB Give it a try and let us know how it turns out. I had the same problem on 2 different laptops. I work with Quickbooks pro and when the windows 10 automatically installed itself when i was out of town..

I could no longer email pdf files. I followed your steps and it works flawlessly. Thanks a bunch for the fix. Sweet man!

Happy trails. Thank you so much for share this with the users. We have QB Premier and just upgraded to Win 10 and followed this and no dice!

Do you have any other ideas? This solved my problem with Quickbooks and Windows Thanks for that fix, it worked like a charm! Another person sticking with Quickbooks Pro and just upgraded to Windows A quick search and your solution came up.

Very smooth. I expected to have some difficulty, but I got it on the first try. Anyone with this issue, simply do a search for it Devices and Printers , came right up and everything else was step by step.

When emailing an invoice, most of the text is garbled characters. Oddly enough, when viewing the QB generated pdf in a browser, most but not all text is garbled, but when viewing in Adobe Reader, the garbled text is just blank. Have you or anyone on the forum experienced this? To see if some of my fonts got corrupted during installation of Windows 10, I tried changing the font in the QB template to Arial, but I still am having the same issues.

Extremely thankful! Thanks a million! I spent hours trying all sorts of stuff and could not resolve this issue. It is to be noted that this same xps driver resolves some issues with MS Office too! I was having the same problem with Windows 10 and Quickbooks This has helped to rescue a very depressing day!

Hello, this did not work for me. Worked great!! Had to use different access method but at the end just delete the existing Microsoft XPS Document Writer and then add the new one. You are the best! Sooo untrue!!! Thanks Joseph! It took several tries, but finally worked. Then I moved it to the desktop and found it. Windows 10 QB This worked before when I had to upgrade to Windows 10 but now it has done an update and will not work at all. It continues to say Port already exists. Hi everyone, I have had the same problem, my fix stopped working after the update, but I have repeated the same simple fix I have shown previously and it is all up and running again.

Here it is again…. Thanks for the additional tips. Unfortunately, this did not work for me and now my invoices will not even print to my printer. Sorry to hear that Aimee, this has worked for me and for lots of others in the Intuit Community. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure that your printer has been set back to the default printer as when I originally had issues it kept making the non functioning pdf printer the default.

Thank you Derek! To set back to the default printer would this be under printer and devices or in quick books itself? It would be in the printer and devices. I used this solution when I first upgraded to Windows A few days ago an update was installed and the problem returned. Finally I discovered that I had to remove the all the downloaded driver files from the folder for it to work.

No useful help is available from QuickBooks. Logged off, restarted QuickBooks and was good to go. Thank you Louis! This allowed me to at least print the invoices to my printer but did not allow me to make PDF. Although once I tried to send on via email I resulted back to not being able to print to my printer again. Ohhhh the frustration. Thanks again! Fank, Have you yet to find a resolution to this problem. I am on the verge of calling Quickbooks to Microsoft.

Thanks for the information. I have this page bookmarked and I come back to it after every windows update and it always fixes my issue.

I called Microsoft and they are saying that it is a QB problem. I have not yet called QB. I think I may have to update my version of QB. Worked perfectly for my QB Enterprises I can now send invoices via Microsoft Outlook without first having to print to Adobe to create the pdf. Now if they can only get the bugs out of the Windows 10 update!

Jim in Calif. Your tutorial is spot on. I had this printer issue twice since upgrading to Windows 10 — and I run the most recent, fully updated, version of QuickBooks. Instead they have that horrid advice piece titled Cannot reconcile accounts or create, print, or email. Tried this multiple of times, but it failed. What my issued turned out to be was my client had to change his Yahoo password. I had to quit and restart QuickBooks multiple times after each failure before it would work again for one or two invoices.

It took me an an hour to email 13 invoices, so I have decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a new version of QB. If I try to print to PDF it freezes. Thank you so much for your clear and fantastic fix. When Microsoft pushed Windows 10 in the middle of , without my permission, this stung me the first time! I used your fix.


Quickbooks 2012 on windows 10 – quickbooks 2012 on windows 10 –

QuickBooks Premier – Accountant Edition is a discontinued and no longer supported version of QuickBooks. Registering it online is currently unavailable. Installing Quick Book Pro in my lap top without a CD for Window I have purchased a new laptop and wish to install Quick Book Pro


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